Introducing Originality

Hello friend! Welcome to Originality: The Personality Project. Thank you for taking the time to check in and join me on this journey – it means the world to me that you are here!

My mission in creating this project and its corresponding podcast is to use the languages of personality to help you better understand who you are and where your place is in the world. The blog will have some of the same content as the podcast, but with more of a focus on identity and how it must be grounded in who God is and our relationship with Him.

While the blog will have more focus on identity and purpose, there where still be lots of fun content on all things personality. The primary personality languages that I will be using are myers-briggs, the enneagram, and strengthfinders, with an occasional mention of DiSC, spiritual gifts, redemptive gifts, and love languages.

There has been a lot of talk in the church in recent years about identity. Along with the identity focus in teaching and preaching around the world has arisen a cult-like obsession with all things personality. People all over the world are hungrier than ever to get a grasp of who they are, how they are wired, and where their place is in the world.

Personality is only one of many components that make up identity. Some of your personality is how you are wired and the unique revelation of God’s image that you can reveal to the world. Some of your personality is a structure that you have built around your authentic self out of traumatic experiences, coping mechanisms, or the lies you have believed about God, yourself, and others.

This structure that makes up your personality is how you interact with the world around you. Learning personality languages allows you to put words to that structure so that you can begin to deconstruct it and become more of who God has created you to be.

As some people study the starts and the expanse of the universe to be moved by the greatness and glory of God, I study people. It is so much fun to find two people that have extremely similar personalities, and then find the differences between them. I am moved by the immense originality of God in the connections between our similarities and yet our distinct individuality.

There are few greater joys in life for me than to sit across a table from someone armed with the knowledge of their personality and then speak identity and courage into them. You, friend, are a one-of-a-kind creation. A beautiful revelation of who God is that only you can bring into the world. You were created for a purpose. You were created to belong.

If God has put a dream or vision in your heart, be bold in the pursuit of the assignment He has placed before you. Do not let other voices tell you that what you bring to the table is not enough or it will get lost in the crowd. You were birthed out of the great originality of God and your purpose cannot be compared.

I pray that today God will give you a vision to see yourself the way that He sees you, and the courage to take a risk on the dream He has placed in your heart.

It has been so much fun to finally introduce you to Originality I cannot wait to share more with you!